An up-and-coming brand from Denmark, Vifa blends modern fashion with speaker technologies. As a completely new brand to Southeast Asia, ASH embarked on an exciting journey to build a new empire for Vifa. First, we set to launch at the Royal Danish Embassy to let people discover their shared heritage. An exclusive event catered to elite society to set the high-end tone, followed by brand uplifts with luxury brand collaborations.




When Urbanears arrived in Thailand, big overhead headphones weren’t something everyone was wearing. In a country with a plethora of cheaper alternatives, ASH’s strategy was to leverage the brand's colourful DNA and turn it into a new fashion statement. First, we partnered with hip nightclubs and got influential DJs and celebrities to endorse our products. This sparked new fashion trends where people began to mix and match their outfits with colourful Urbanears headphones. One other thing that contributed to the brand’s success was the Fashion Show in collaboration with Rip Curl where Urbanears headphones became the highlight of the show. 




When we look at Marshall in Thailand today, we look at it with personal pride. ASH has made it our mission to make Marshall speakers the sought-after products of the modern era. Our strategy was to make Marshall speakers part of the popular culture – collaborating with famous musicians, getting the cafes and restaurants to embrace our products, building retail presence in upscale shopping malls as well as mass locations to make Marshall more accessible to Thai people.




Le Specs was one of the very first brand we popularised in Southeast Asia. ASH elevated Le Specs from a fashionable accessories into a lifestyle that modern men and women idolised. ASH focused on building brand image, creating meaningful stories, and making the product accessible in lifestyle locations across the region. 


house of holland


House of Holland is another example of how ASH took a high-potential brand and amplified it in Southeast Asia. Started off as a collaboration with Le Specs, House of Holland quickly became another fashion statement in Thailand with the “Cross My Heart Hope To Die, Stick A Needle In My Eye” icon eyewear through PR and social media.