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To be honest there probably aren’t many consumer electronics retail chains in our markets who aren’t already our customers. They want to work with us because we bring them brands that their consumers crave for. ASH’s network covers more than 700 stores and specialty retailers. We’ve developed a deep understanding of their needs and offerings and we’ve built strong relationships that enable us to quickly roll out new products. Led by Tony and Adrian, our team works hard to manage and expand our partnerships in the region to provide a seamless infrastructure for your brands. 

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2. Sales (B2B)

We offer our B2B customers both our branded products and OEM solutions for their own brands. From mobile operators, phone manufacturers, beverage companies and airlines to music streaming businesses and hotel chains, the team led by Sebastian and Anton helps to lift brands and add perceived value to consumers.


3. E-commerce

We specialize in mapping brands’ product lineups across the relevant e-commerce platforms, content-driven traffic, managing and coordinating campaigns between the offline and online world to give consumers a consistent value perception, and protecting brands from e-commerce dilution. Led by Markus and his team, we are well-versed in e-commerce marketing from strategy, traffic management and inventory management to order fulfillment and customer care.


4. Campaign Management

We manage various demand-generation campaigns for our brands throughout the year. We drive volume by focusing on creating perceived higher value instead of discounts. We create long-term market appetite with our marketing initiatives and minimise short-term sales boosting that can devalue the brands. Led by Tony, Adrian, and Brand Managers, we manage offline retailers’ expectations through constructive coordination with online channels.


5. Customer service (Consumers) (Prim)

When our brand partners don’t have the capabilities to provide excellent and prompt customer service in the SEA region, we are here to help. We believe that the consumer comes before everyone else. To us, an unhappy consumer's query is the best opportunity to create a loyal ambassador if our customer service team handles their needs correctly. Led by Prim and team, we’ve trained our customer service team to be product experts, providing meaningful knowledge to consumers in their local language, manners and communication channels.