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1. WAREHOUSING and transportation

ASH specializes in supply chain management to help our brand partners with order fulfillment. Led by Yam and team, our warehousing services include demand planning and order management, import and customs management, safe warehousing, transportation, inventory management and updates and delivery to retailers and consumers.


2. E-commerce fulfillment

ASH works with solid partners to fulfill e-commerce orders. With the warehouse, processes and logistics we have in place, we can help our brands to fulfill online orders with speedy and secured delivery within the Southeast Asia region.


3. Warranty claims

We handle the warranty processes for all of our brands. Led by Tang, we take care of the claim management process from both retailers and consumers when a product is faulty. We also offer reparation services for faulty speakers whether they are in or out of warranty. We pride ourselves in completing 90% of warranty claims within 3 working days.


4. Certification

For almost a decade, ASH has helped international brands establish themselves in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Our Certification services include trademark registration and product certifications. Koi and her team brings deep understanding of the local processes and procedures to help take care of certifications for our partners.