Each brand in our portfolio has a dedicated Brand Manager with a support team. Brands with strong stories command a price premium which means that consumers must aspire to own the product. Our Brand Managers walk the balance between meeting short-term sales targets and creating long-term demand, between high volume and exclusivity, and between high perceived value and premium pricing. They adapt global brand assets for the local markets and find new ways to tell brand stories in a voice that appeals to local consumers.


2. Product Management

For every brand we work with, we carefully select products with high potential to win in the market. Led by Micke and team, we help brand partners manage the product portfolio from launches to end-of-life planning. They set the price strategy and match product lineups with the right channel strategy. Supported by our retail audit and sellout data analytics team, they look for new pockets of demand and new consumers to convert.


3. Communication

Led by Joe and Mae, our communications team create meaningful ideas that build strong bonds between the consumer and your brand. Our strength is in identifying the right story-telling techniques that can trigger consumers, motivate them to buy, and build strong emotional bonds with the brand. We enlist story-tellers – from celebrities, influencers, retailers, consumers, promoters, and brand ambassadors – that have genuine love of our brands to help ignite strong “desire to own” our products.


4. Digital Marketing

We specialize in data-driven digital marketing to build brand image and create demand for your brand. Our services include digital strategy, media planning and buying, and KOL management. Led by Joe and team who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to grow meaningful brands in the digital space.


5. Market Research

ASH believes in the rigour in our thinking – be it strategy or creative solutions. That’s why we integrate market research in our work to get a deep understanding of the market dynamic, brand segmentation, and consumer needs. Led by Patt and his team, our Market Research services have helped our brand partners navigate the market with success.