ASH sees customer service as an integral part in forming good brand relationship with the customer. Led by Dr. Aek, our team is well-versed in both branding and the local language. We provide professional training to front-line retail staff to become experts in brands and products. We coach them on problem solving, objection handling, and building personal relationships to leave great brand impressions with store visitors. 


2. Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising also means storytelling. Some brands have strict VM guidelines, others rely mostly on our own creativity. Either way, it is a crucial chapter in the consumer journey. Led by Anne and Denise, our Visual Merchandising services include retail space conceptualisation, in-store display design, product assortments, POSM and furniture design and production, and investment management.


3. Retail auditing

Store operations is a people business. Competition for retail space is fierce. We know the importance of information accuracy and hands-on management, which is not easy when you need to optimise sales in 700+ stores. Our team led by Duck, Gluay, Gai and Denise provides Retail Auditing services to our Brand Managers to help gather information on VM compliance and shelf market share.